a swimming pool with no bodies is a problem that we can fix

lily collins and kristen stewart in herve ledger (pictures from teenvogue.com and justjared.com). i don't know which i like better. they're pretty similar. i'm leaning towards kristen stewart. i like her pale bare legs against the coral of the dress. i like that she and lily collins both opted for hair pulled back and dark eyes. also, i love how much kristen stewart dgafs on the red carpet... look at that pose. she gets so much flack for being a "bitch". the world of celebrity is so weird.

also, i have been updating so much lately it seems. all late at night, too.

ps: i ate way too many cookies tonight. i'm not eating cookies again for... like... ever? i don't know. i feel like i need to run 5 miles. however, i made really good spaghetti (i had help too; thanks T) and i'm pretty happy that i have enough for the next three days or so.

i'm sorry, but how much do you love this? i love the way terry richardson shoots his pictures.

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