the haze clears from your eyes on a sunday


i'm in the midst of a blog-lurking/the city-watching love affair in my bed. and it feels damn good. this weekend was good, i wasn't home much... which come sunday night makes me incredibly homesick for my bed and computer. by the way it's also 9 o'clock and i don't doubt that after i blog i will be in a deep, deep sleep.

i cannot WAIT for summer. i love what summer is all about: being carefree, not being cold, road trips, FUN, no school.... i love everything about it.
even though it doesn't seem like southern california has different seasons, summer always stands out to me. i cut my calvin klein mom jeans (i wore them as a mom for halloween... and when i was bon jovi) into shorts and they turned out soo good. i need to fray the edges and then i'm pretty sure i'll live in them all summer long.

i need to make a list of things i need (...want) to buy and stick to it so i don't get sidetracked on things i don't need (like more tanktops). blair's wedding is in about a month! i am so excited to see a good friend get married, and i can't wait to see all of my other friends dressed up and having fun. weddings are always so happy. they are like the prom for people out of high school. i saw this super cute flouncy floral dress from f21 that i think i'm going to buy for the wedding. it looks like something blair would wear and i think it really fits a spring wedding theme. i always love an excuse to buy a new dress. also, i'm thinking i can dress it up with heels, jewelry, and curly hair and then dress it down with sandals after the wedding.

i am feeling super inspired lately and i want to do so many diy projects. i am lacking funds as of late and i really want to shop inside my own closet... alter some things and stuff.

sidenote: i REALLY need to go on a diet and stick to it. sometimes i eat super unhealthily because i'm lazy and it is no good because i feel so guilty afterwards. tatyana got me addicted to feta cheese and spinach salads. urrgghhh.

this summer i want to...
go hiking a lot (or at least a few times a month)
go to the beach regularly
make new friends
meet a nice boy (hi, i'm a wishful thinker)
party less
enjoy quiet hangouts with friends more
get ready to go to long beach (fingers crossed)
solidify my style
take a trip somewhere (new york preferably)
keep working out regularly
eat healthy (starting now...)
oh yeah, and go horseback riding!

ok. now i'm going to fall asleep watching the city.

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