sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name

i won't apologize for the lack of blog posts (hi, i'm lazy) because i don't think anyone really lurks this blog. i'm actually still trying to figure out what this blog's purpose is. maybe it will be an everything blog because i don't feel like writing about fashion 100% of the time (sorry?). when i'm satisfied and proud i will release this blog into the world (of the internets).

however, i do want to share that i came upon some great thrift finds this weekend.
-black blazer (fitted)
-cream blazer (oversized)
-blue floral print dress (VERY 90210, see picture on top)
...i was beyond stoked.

i also found some steve madden brown ankle boots for $100 off the regular price. what a steal!

i'll have to try and not be so lazy and post some outfit pictures. the blue floral print dress looks really good with a double belt (inspired by mj) and the new steve maddens.

until then -- Bb.

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