gotta keep enough lettuce to support your shoe fetish

okay so i'm watching mtv's (new) house of style online right now and let me just say that i'm pretty obsessed with it. i mean, they're taking us inside jessica stam's closet and just showed me how to make friendship bracelets. HELLO, new obsession! who wants to make friendship bracelets???

also, i really have been meaning to scan some pages from a couple of editorials that are in the new LA magazine (sasha is on the cover!!). one features the cover girl and another (photographed by hedi slimane, which i was stoked on) features anna selezneva (ummmm... sorry if i butchered that last name). i was super inspired by the one with anna. but... scanning pictures involves me not laying in my bed and being lazy, so we'll see how that goes.

happy tuesday! i'm super excited for this weekend because i get to go to a bridal shower (my first!) and a POOL PARTY at the standard in LA (is it summer yet?). should be a good weekend. also, one month from now i will be in vegas celebrating being a real 21 year old. stoked much?

can't stop listening to girl talk - in step.

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