i must say

getting 9 hours of sleep and waking up with in rainbows is the JAM.
happy monday! (yeah, there's a first for everything...)


the haze clears from your eyes on a sunday


i'm in the midst of a blog-lurking/the city-watching love affair in my bed. and it feels damn good. this weekend was good, i wasn't home much... which come sunday night makes me incredibly homesick for my bed and computer. by the way it's also 9 o'clock and i don't doubt that after i blog i will be in a deep, deep sleep.

i cannot WAIT for summer. i love what summer is all about: being carefree, not being cold, road trips, FUN, no school.... i love everything about it.
even though it doesn't seem like southern california has different seasons, summer always stands out to me. i cut my calvin klein mom jeans (i wore them as a mom for halloween... and when i was bon jovi) into shorts and they turned out soo good. i need to fray the edges and then i'm pretty sure i'll live in them all summer long.

i need to make a list of things i need (...want) to buy and stick to it so i don't get sidetracked on things i don't need (like more tanktops). blair's wedding is in about a month! i am so excited to see a good friend get married, and i can't wait to see all of my other friends dressed up and having fun. weddings are always so happy. they are like the prom for people out of high school. i saw this super cute flouncy floral dress from f21 that i think i'm going to buy for the wedding. it looks like something blair would wear and i think it really fits a spring wedding theme. i always love an excuse to buy a new dress. also, i'm thinking i can dress it up with heels, jewelry, and curly hair and then dress it down with sandals after the wedding.

i am feeling super inspired lately and i want to do so many diy projects. i am lacking funds as of late and i really want to shop inside my own closet... alter some things and stuff.

sidenote: i REALLY need to go on a diet and stick to it. sometimes i eat super unhealthily because i'm lazy and it is no good because i feel so guilty afterwards. tatyana got me addicted to feta cheese and spinach salads. urrgghhh.

this summer i want to...
go hiking a lot (or at least a few times a month)
go to the beach regularly
make new friends
meet a nice boy (hi, i'm a wishful thinker)
party less
enjoy quiet hangouts with friends more
get ready to go to long beach (fingers crossed)
solidify my style
take a trip somewhere (new york preferably)
keep working out regularly
eat healthy (starting now...)
oh yeah, and go horseback riding!

ok. now i'm going to fall asleep watching the city.



i'm not thaaaat into the putting studs on everything trend. it's almost too trendy for me? idk. but i really want to duplicate these light colored jeans seen on jak and jil!


gotta keep enough lettuce to support your shoe fetish

okay so i'm watching mtv's (new) house of style online right now and let me just say that i'm pretty obsessed with it. i mean, they're taking us inside jessica stam's closet and just showed me how to make friendship bracelets. HELLO, new obsession! who wants to make friendship bracelets???

also, i really have been meaning to scan some pages from a couple of editorials that are in the new LA magazine (sasha is on the cover!!). one features the cover girl and another (photographed by hedi slimane, which i was stoked on) features anna selezneva (ummmm... sorry if i butchered that last name). i was super inspired by the one with anna. but... scanning pictures involves me not laying in my bed and being lazy, so we'll see how that goes.

happy tuesday! i'm super excited for this weekend because i get to go to a bridal shower (my first!) and a POOL PARTY at the standard in LA (is it summer yet?). should be a good weekend. also, one month from now i will be in vegas celebrating being a real 21 year old. stoked much?

can't stop listening to girl talk - in step.


a swimming pool with no bodies is a problem that we can fix

lily collins and kristen stewart in herve ledger (pictures from teenvogue.com and justjared.com). i don't know which i like better. they're pretty similar. i'm leaning towards kristen stewart. i like her pale bare legs against the coral of the dress. i like that she and lily collins both opted for hair pulled back and dark eyes. also, i love how much kristen stewart dgafs on the red carpet... look at that pose. she gets so much flack for being a "bitch". the world of celebrity is so weird.

also, i have been updating so much lately it seems. all late at night, too.

ps: i ate way too many cookies tonight. i'm not eating cookies again for... like... ever? i don't know. i feel like i need to run 5 miles. however, i made really good spaghetti (i had help too; thanks T) and i'm pretty happy that i have enough for the next three days or so.

i'm sorry, but how much do you love this? i love the way terry richardson shoots his pictures.


and when the day is done, i will follow you into the sun

they are so cute. i stumbled upon this while looking for a picture of his new ad for dkny. i think this might be better though.
oh ps; i watched the carine roitfeld special on cnn.com. how awesome is she? she seems so real and natural and down-to-earth. and how beautiful are her daughter and son?


leave it on the line

i really want to try wearing baggier jeans, is that weird?
not raver style (haha), but i want to unroll my levi boyfriend jeans.
in summer i'm thinking with a good tank they would look good... but what shoes?
i don't know, i'll have to experiment.
just thinking outloud...

here in the spotlight we shine, look at who we are

some of the better 3 movies i've seen this year.
i just watched rachel getting married today. it is so weird to see anne hathaway cursing up a storm. she is very convincing as a recovering drug addict. i also thought the actress who played her sister and the actor who played her father did a remarkable job.


sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name

i won't apologize for the lack of blog posts (hi, i'm lazy) because i don't think anyone really lurks this blog. i'm actually still trying to figure out what this blog's purpose is. maybe it will be an everything blog because i don't feel like writing about fashion 100% of the time (sorry?). when i'm satisfied and proud i will release this blog into the world (of the internets).

however, i do want to share that i came upon some great thrift finds this weekend.
-black blazer (fitted)
-cream blazer (oversized)
-blue floral print dress (VERY 90210, see picture on top)
...i was beyond stoked.

i also found some steve madden brown ankle boots for $100 off the regular price. what a steal!

i'll have to try and not be so lazy and post some outfit pictures. the blue floral print dress looks really good with a double belt (inspired by mj) and the new steve maddens.

until then -- Bb.