california, here we come

so i'm totally readdicted to the OC. i forgot how much i loved it. it had a good 4 year run (though the first 2 are definitely the best).
josh schwartz created both the OC and gossip girl and you can definitely tell. they have somewhat similar storylines... rich kids in orange county, rich kids in the upper east side. not to mention that rufus and sandy are the coolest dads in history and lily and kirsten are pretty interchangeable looks and personality wise.
i've actually been oddly inspired by the clothing... especially marissa's wardrobe. i didn't expect that when i started watching, but now i want to straighten my hair and wear polo shirts and flip flops. haha okay maybe not that far... but some tank tops and sandals wouldn't hurt.
ps it was like 100 degrees today!
pps i need to make a birthday post


bones bones brittle little bones

lurking the spring 09 shows on style.com and came across ann d's. i really really like the idea of super gathered dresses. and look, she uses crystals! i also like that everything is black and white and then in the middle of the collection there's an interjection of orange and coral. anyways, i like it. the white gathered dresses remind me of togas.
ps: today i'm going to attempt to make the silk onesie made by catherine holstein in the latest nylon. i'm thinking black. hopefully it works out well. i think a silk onesie would be great because it could easily be dressed up or dressed down.


walk like an egyptian...

so i really want to go to egypt. thanks art history, you've really inspired me to travel. but seriously, egypt is so awesome/historical/beautiful. this post is going to be dedicated to just that: my desire to travel to egypt.
i want to go to the valley of the kings: this is the location of all the new kingdom pharaohs' tombs. this includes ramses the great and king tut (who was actually a miniscule king and is only one of the most well-known because his tomb was found intact and untouched by graverobbers... because it was an attachment to another pharaoh's tomb. he didn't warrant a big tomb to himself because he didn't play a huge role in egyptian history).

pyramids were stricly old kingdom (obviously, i'd love to see those, too) and were replaced with rock cut tombs/cliffside burials. the interior space of these was completely carved out of the bedrock. what's really cool is that the bodies found in the tombs can actually be scanned and their cause of deaths can be determined with some certainty! they think that king tut died of a gangrenous broken leg. removing the bodies is actually kind of disrespectful if you think about it... the egyptians had very strict rules concerning the afterlife and their bodies...
i'd also love to go to amarna. this is where the amarna revolution took place under king akhenaton. he completely changed the egyptian religion and made worshipping the different gods illegal. it was only lawful to worship one god: aton. akhenaton made himself a prophet and got rid of the idea of the afterlife. in turn, this drastically changed the art style. the art style changed from idealistic to naturalistic. this was HUGE. egyptians were now focusing on the here and now as opposed to the prime of one's life. art in this period was heavily relaxed.
king tut came after akhenaton and he changed everything back to the old style/religion.

ok. sorry. enough about egypt. i could honestly go on for a lot longer, but i won't. i didn't even mention king hatshepsut! who was actually a woman who declared herself king/pharaoh! in sculpture she was portrayed manly. cleopatra who?
ps- lost in 30 minutes! stoked...


did i mention...

sunday is my favorite day of the week?

i hope i come across some good thrift finds today. thrifting in the desert is not all lisa and i hoped it would be. all we found were marc jacobs flats in size waytoobigforeitherofus.

edit: i think it's annoying to make numerous posts in one day (but don't find it annoying when others do it, i'm weird), so i'm just editing from earlier today.
i found some really really good stuff today at goodwill. i found it weird because i usually don't have very good luck there. plus everything is usually pretty expensive. i even got away with some nine west heels that are in mint condition. everything else i bought was pretty 90s... i think i'm falling into a rut. note to self: if it looks like something brenda walsh/kelly taylor would wear... just. say. no.

'tis all. it's way past my bedtime...


my criteria compared to your career just isn't fair

whole lot of pictures in this post. today lisa and i went to salvation mountain in niland, ca (the pictures are a combination of her camera and mine). it was so nice to get out of redlands and do a mini road trip somewhere we haven't been before and actually DO something.
"Salvation Mountain is Leonard's tribute to God and his gift to the world with its simple yet powerful message: "God Is Love." Leonard's passion has lovingly created this brilliant "outsider art " masterpiece resplendent with not only biblical and religious scripture such as the Lord's Prayer, John 3:16, and the Sinner's Prayer, but also including flowers, trees, waterfalls, suns, bluebirds, and many other fascinating and colorful objects."
leonard actually lives on the site in a couple of makeshift trailers. he's a really sweet little old man (who's a little hard of hearing...) and gave us a tour, dvd, and postcards. totally recommend everyone to go here and experience it for yourselves.


even time can do good things to you

hi. i'm brushing my hair, it's been really unruly lately. and bugging me. i'm thinking of cutting it (i won't). today was not good. i flubbed up graduating spring 09 (sorry dad) because i left the application until the last minute (i had forgotten about it) and i never sent my transcripts from chaffey to rcc because i didn't know i had to.... apparently i did in order to graduate. plus i had already twittered that i was applying to graduate today so i was even more bummed that i had to go and delete that tweet (twitterspeak is so weird).

the rest of the day was pretty much like that. the only good thing was that i got off work early. and lost was on. i skipped working out and ate a quesadilla and drank a beer instead (yeah, i'm productive).
now i'm laying in bed. listening to death cab.
so the new kate moss for topshop line dropped today and most of it is already sold out. it's really good though and i don't blame the lucky people with spare $$$ who snagged up the goods.

here are my favorites:

that neckline. those buttons. the lace! i'm so down for this bodysuit. under a black leather jacket and cutoffs? yes pleeeeease.

i'm thinking with light denim cutoffs and brown ankle boots. i pair everything with cutoffs.

i LOVE this smock dress. it is so virgin suicides and i am so into it. someone said my hair was very virgin suicides this weekend (compliment of the century!).

anyways, i guess it's time for bed.

this weekend = possible mini road trip with 'sass, definite sushi/latte/hw date, shopping for a wedding dress, possibly going thrifting for more 90's inspired wardrobe must haves...

toodles. -bb