california, here we come

so i'm totally readdicted to the OC. i forgot how much i loved it. it had a good 4 year run (though the first 2 are definitely the best).
josh schwartz created both the OC and gossip girl and you can definitely tell. they have somewhat similar storylines... rich kids in orange county, rich kids in the upper east side. not to mention that rufus and sandy are the coolest dads in history and lily and kirsten are pretty interchangeable looks and personality wise.
i've actually been oddly inspired by the clothing... especially marissa's wardrobe. i didn't expect that when i started watching, but now i want to straighten my hair and wear polo shirts and flip flops. haha okay maybe not that far... but some tank tops and sandals wouldn't hurt.
ps it was like 100 degrees today!
pps i need to make a birthday post

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