did i mention...

sunday is my favorite day of the week?

i hope i come across some good thrift finds today. thrifting in the desert is not all lisa and i hoped it would be. all we found were marc jacobs flats in size waytoobigforeitherofus.

edit: i think it's annoying to make numerous posts in one day (but don't find it annoying when others do it, i'm weird), so i'm just editing from earlier today.
i found some really really good stuff today at goodwill. i found it weird because i usually don't have very good luck there. plus everything is usually pretty expensive. i even got away with some nine west heels that are in mint condition. everything else i bought was pretty 90s... i think i'm falling into a rut. note to self: if it looks like something brenda walsh/kelly taylor would wear... just. say. no.

'tis all. it's way past my bedtime...

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