even time can do good things to you

hi. i'm brushing my hair, it's been really unruly lately. and bugging me. i'm thinking of cutting it (i won't). today was not good. i flubbed up graduating spring 09 (sorry dad) because i left the application until the last minute (i had forgotten about it) and i never sent my transcripts from chaffey to rcc because i didn't know i had to.... apparently i did in order to graduate. plus i had already twittered that i was applying to graduate today so i was even more bummed that i had to go and delete that tweet (twitterspeak is so weird).

the rest of the day was pretty much like that. the only good thing was that i got off work early. and lost was on. i skipped working out and ate a quesadilla and drank a beer instead (yeah, i'm productive).
now i'm laying in bed. listening to death cab.
so the new kate moss for topshop line dropped today and most of it is already sold out. it's really good though and i don't blame the lucky people with spare $$$ who snagged up the goods.

here are my favorites:

that neckline. those buttons. the lace! i'm so down for this bodysuit. under a black leather jacket and cutoffs? yes pleeeeease.

i'm thinking with light denim cutoffs and brown ankle boots. i pair everything with cutoffs.

i LOVE this smock dress. it is so virgin suicides and i am so into it. someone said my hair was very virgin suicides this weekend (compliment of the century!).

anyways, i guess it's time for bed.

this weekend = possible mini road trip with 'sass, definite sushi/latte/hw date, shopping for a wedding dress, possibly going thrifting for more 90's inspired wardrobe must haves...

toodles. -bb

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